Dana Cromie


grouse mountain from franklin street

"Man evolved as part of nature, as an organism like all others on this planet, with a cycle of life and death, processing the resources at hand, adding to the richness that was here before us. But something happened long ago, perhaps most famously alluded to in the tale involving a serpent and an apple. Man came apart from nature. As we settled into villages, our increasing industry became more important than our relationship with the Earth. This planet feeds not only us, but every life form we share it with. Now it is us versus nature, and we are both losing. We become impoverished as we consume the very nature that nurtured our beginnings. The remnants we preserve in museums are not enough.

Man must reconnect with nature. We must bring nature to the table each and every time we make a decision. We now accept that we have changed nature. The time has come to preserve what remains and to embrace allowing nature to grow back into our lives."

Dana Cromie
closing statement, "remnants, a visual survey of human progress"
solo exhibit, Beaty Biodiversity Museum - University of British Columbia, January April 2014