Dana Cromie

A music concert interpreted in line and colour.
Four line relief block prints individually coloured to order, edition of 12.
This suite began as a pencil line drawing of a Cyclamen.

This was traced four times with a variety of line weights, while listening to the following pieces of music:
JS Bach - Goldberg Variations, Aria
Frederik Chopin – Etudes, No. 1
Philip Glass – The Photographer
Steve Reich – Dolly, Darwin
Colour was tested on hand drawn copies while plates were made from the tracings.
Twelve limited copies of each were printed on a local letter press using the rough side of Opus watercolour paper.
The prints are then individually painted with Windsor Newton watercolour, using a limited colour palette. Each finished work is unique.
Image size 5 X 7
Paper size 7.5 X 11
Archival matte 11 X 14
Clear envelope 11 X 14
Unframed, $180.00, no taxes
The prints are coloured to order,
approximately one per week.
No time specific delivery guarantees are offered.

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